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The best ideas from the 2015 Problogger conference (my personal takeouts)

The Problogger conference brings together bloggers from all over Australia and some from overseas. About 700 people attended on the Gold Coast a few weeks ago. It's a well run conference with interesting, varied speakers. Well worth it if you're running your own blog. And probably also if you're keen to learn how to achieve success online generally. I went to fuel thinking on my own blogs - the Media School blog you're reading now and The Environment Show. These kinds of events can get you fired up and help inspire ideas. There was a lot of stuff covered at the conference. Some...

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How to succeed online: 50 classic cliches that actually work

I recently went to the Problogger conference and heard some of the world's leading bloggers explain their success. The concepts really weren't rocket science. But the same things kept coming up over and over. Which got me thinking - on face value they may sound obvious, but something's going on if the leaders are saying the same thing. So I've collated the best of the oft-repeated tips - to remind myself for my own work and to help you with yours. There's some clear camps they seemed to fall into - which you can see in the headings below: Find Your Purpose 1. what’s your...

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