Search engine optimisation

Internet Marketing for Small Business: how to start

If you're a small business and you don't have an effective internet marketing presence, you're not in the race when potential customers are searching for the kind of product or service you sell. And let's face it, that's where people looking these days - online. Many small businesses are missing out because they haven't done the basic things to put themselves in the running. If you are one of those businesses, here's a crash course. The good news is you can do much of it for free. It could cost you as little as a few hundred dollars to get the essentials going. I've tried...

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How does Google search work? (Matt Cutts explains)

Searching the web is so fundamental now, such an every day part of people's lives, we think how it works should be taught in schools. (Actually it's only a matter of time.) Very few people really understand, so here's the basics. The 3 minute video here from Google themselves gives a simple explanation. Here's our synopsis. Where does Google get its info from?  When you do a search you're actually searching what Google has found on the web and put in its index. Where does Google's index come from? Google has these things called 'spiders' that go out search the internet - following links...

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