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Refunds Policy

Here’s the Media School refunds policy /  answers to your questions about changes:


“I can’t make the course. Can I transfer to another date?”


Medical reasons

Yes, we can transfer you if it’s for medical reasons (for yourself or a dependent) and you let us know at least 18 hours before the start time of the course. (Please let us know in writing by email and a quick call.) 


Work, personal or other reasons

If the change is for other reasons (such as work or personal reasons) we offer a transfer if you give us 7 days notice before the start time of the course. (Please let us know in writing – by email.) Unfortunately, Media School cannot otherwise accept responsibility for changes in your work commitments or other personal circumstances.


Additional conditions on transfers
  1. You will need to attend the new course date within 12 months of your original course.
  2. We are unable to offer a refund on an already deferred course.


Further conditions on transfers – for live courses
  1. We’ll do our best to squeeze you into a later offering of the course. If that new course becomes full with original attendees, we reserve the right to bump you to a later course again.
  2. You’ll need to check with us 3 days before the new course to see if it’s looking like we can fit you in. It’s possible we may sit you down the back of the makeup class if tables become full on the day.

(These conditions are due to physical space availability in live classes.)



We are more flexible than most training providers! (The majority are tough on changes and don’t allow them.) We’ll do our best to help out, but changes can get complicated and they can impact fellow classmates for live classes. So it’s best for everyone (you, us and your classmates) if you can please attend your original course date – unless there’s a real emergency or you are really crook.


“I need to cancel completely. Can I get a refund?”

Yes – if you let us know in writing (by email) at least 7 days before the event. Otherwise, a cancellation within 7 days will be held as a credit for 12 months. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a refund on an already deferred course. 


“Can someone else take my place if I can’t come?”  

Yes, good idea. Please let us know by email prior to the course – with the name of the person taking your place.


No shows

Unfortunately, we can’t issue a transfer or refund if you don’t show up for a course, don’t let us know what’s happened before the start of the course, and then request a transfer or a refund later. (Best to come to the course. We’re sure you’ll learn heaps, have an interesting day, and get your money’s worth!) 


Changes at our end  

Media School reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrolments. This is very, very rare! If we need to change the course offering we will email and/or call to let you know prior to the event. 

We will usually re-organise the booking to a later date. If the new arrangements don’t work for you or we need to cancel the class altogether, we will refund your booking in full.

We are unable to compensate for other costs incurred, such as flights and accommodation. If you are planning on travelling to attend a course, please call us first on +61 403 517242 to check the course is on before booking. 


Still have questions?

There are lots of answers on our FAQs page.

Or you can give Phil a call on +61 403 517242. He’ll do his best to help out.