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Course learning resources

If you take a course with us we’ll provide resources for you to take away to help you keep learning long after the training has finished.

Why we provide learning resources to take away

We do this because it’s hard (near impossible) to jam into one course everything you need to know about a topic.

On the course day we’ll cover the essentials – the things we think you really ought to know to help get you inspired and moving.

The takeaway learning resources reinforce what you’ve learnt and give you the option to dive in deeper and learn more in your own time.

What we provide

The learning resources come in the form of access to videos, guides, articles and infographics.

For the social media course, it includes material on the most popular platforms: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogging. We also include resources on: Strategy, Planning, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and social media issues (like ‘Return on Investment’ and how to deal with challenging comments by users.)

Why we provide videos

We’re a big fan of videos for teaching and learning.

We use a few short ones in the course and provide access to loads more to take away. The great thing about videos is you can replay them later, show colleagues and clients, stop and start them if you’re not sure, plus they’re easy to digest. (For many people they’re a lot easier and have more impact than reading.)

Sample course learning resources

Curious? You can see some of what we’re on about (useful videos we’ve collected) on YouTube.

You can sample some educational infographics we’ve collated via our Pinterest.

And here’s some suggested books (on social media) on Amazon.

What we do in courses

In the time we have on the training day we bring the most important principles, tips and tricks to life using the best, most appropriate of the resources we’ve collected.

If you come to a course you’ll see and hear: interesting case studies, engaging short videos and inspiring stories. And you’ll experience creative exercises and varying amounts of hands-on practice (depending on the course type.)