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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some answers to common questions about our courses. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more.

The course

How does your course compare?

We price our courses mid-range in our market. (If you look you’ll find competitors higher in price and a few lower.)

We work hard, though, to make our training better than all of them – in fact the best value on the market. Here’s how: 

  1. Class sizes are smaller
    This enables us to understand your work and to provide better feedback. And for you to ask questions and get better value for money. (Our nearest competitor Sydney Uni has double the number of people in classes.)
  2. Welcoming learning environment
    Ours is a friendly, relaxed environment to learn. Not just because of our small classes, but also due to our interesting venues, surprisingly good food, and down-to-earth approach to teaching.
  3. We push you to think
    Classes are interactive and include live demonstrations, creative exercises, best practice examples, short videos and stories that’ll inspire you to get going.
  4. We focus on what matters
    We help you understand simple ways of using technology to connect with people (which is what it’s all about.) We won’t overwhelm you with tech bells & whistles and ‘secret marketing formulas’.
  5. We put it in plain English
    Our forte is explaining things simply for lay people. A skill helped along by years of experience in teaching and in advertising. A lot of trainers in our field are either geeks or hard-core marketing types – who have a habit of bamboozling and intimidating beginners. (That’s not our thing.)
  6. Strategic approach
    We do, however, think strategically. You have limited resources and time, so you need to be smart about how you approach your social media. As well as tips for quick gains, you’ll learn how to succeed in the long run.  
  7. Takeaway learning resources  
    We provide access to a range of learning resources you can use to keep learning long after the course – including videos, guides and class notes.
  8. Breadth and depth of experience
    The principal trainer Phil Stubbs draws from a unique mix of experience: teaching at universities, working in leading communication agencies, and campaigning online (for small businesses, creative startups, causes and established brands.)

Show us proof!

(a) These organisations have trusted us to train their staff.

(b) This is what people have said about our courses.  

(c) Here’s the background of principal trainer Phil Stubbs

Is the course level right for me?

Our courses are pitched at Beginner to Intermediate level.

If you’re starting out, you’ll find we put it in plain English and make it easy to understand. You’ll pick up the confidence and tools to get going.

If you’ve already made a start, you’ll gain useful insights into how to make better use of your time and use platforms more strategically and effectively.

The only pre-reqs are that you use the internet and are willing to learn.

Which course should I do?

The Social Media Course is our popular all-in-one program where we cover key platforms on one day.

Other courses go into individual platforms in more depth. This extra time allows us to do more hands-on work.

Unless there’s a specific platform you really want to learn about, we recommend you do the Social Media Course first. 

Who will I be sitting next to in class?

You’ll find your class is a wonderfully varied, interesting group. People who are:

  • small business owners
  • launching a new creative project, product or service
  • working in marketing / PR / communication roles  
  • promoting established brands
  • promoting a cause or charity
  • starting a new career
  • returning to work and upskilling (often after raising kids) 
  • taking on responsibility for the social media at their firm


Most people who come on courses are battling to get digital media to really work for them.

At lunch and in the breaks you’ll meet kindred spirits confronting the same kinds of challenges as you. You’ll learn a thing or two from classmates, as well as from the course. (Our small numbers and friendly vibe help facilitate this.)

Payment methods

How do I book and pay?

Please book and pay for your course via the course page on our website.

Click on ‘Attend’ there and you’ll be taken to Eventbrite. Eventbrite is an established, trusted booking system which accepts a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card.

Once you’ve booked and paid, you’ll receive a booking confirmation and tax invoice/receipt via email (and your place on the course will be locked in.)

Can I pay by bank transfer instead?

Yes. We understand some organisations don’t have a credit card or require a Tax Invoice first and prefer to pay by bank transfer. 

Please email phil@mediaschool.com.au with: the name of the attendee; the name, date, and location of the course; and the name of the organisation to make the Tax Invoice out to. We’ll email you back a Tax Invoice that has our ABN, bank BSB and account number.

Your place on the course will be secured once funds have been received. Please email to let us know once the transfer has been made. (A payment confirmation from your bank would be appreciated.)


For booking more than one person?

This varies by course. You’ll need to check the course page and the Eventbrite booking panel. 

For doing more than one course?

Yes, there is a discount for booking more than one course with us.

If you’re booking via our website simply book into the first course and then email us to let us know which other course you want to do. We’ll email you back the discount code for the next. (Otherwise, if you’re paying by direct bank transfer we’ll put both on one invoice.)

For charities and NGOs?

Yes, there’s a 10% discount for registered charities and NGOs. Please email or call the Principal, Phil Stubbs, for the discount code.

Places on courses

Are there places left on the course?

You’ll be able to see if a course is full by clicking the ‘Attend’ button on the course page. That’ll take you to the Eventbrite booking page where you can ‘Select a date’.  The ‘Register’ button lets you know there are still places available and you can go ahead and book.

Note that the live Podcasting and Social Media Courses are popular and can book out. They tend to fill quickly in the fortnight leading up to them, so it’s best to secure a spot at least a few weeks prior to ensure your place.

In Sydney, these courses run about every 2 months, so if it’s full you’ll find the next one is not far off. They’re also offered regularly online for people outside of Sydney and those Sydneysiders who want to get going.

Can you reserve a place for me?

Unfortunately, we can’t hold places without full payment of course fees. Best to book online via the course page to secure your spot.

Refunds, dates and changing a booking

What if the course date doesn’t work?

If you’re considering doing a course but the upcoming course date doesn’t work for you, please check the course page for the next offering. 

If you’re interested in either the Podcast Course or Social Media Course in Sydney, you’ll find they run regularly (usually bi-monthly), so the next course is not far away. 

If you can’t find a date that suits, we’d encourage you to subscribe to our emailIt’ll let you know when courses are on later. (We keep your email safe. We only email every 1 or 2 months. And you can unsubscribe anytime.) 

What if I book, then can’t attend?

Please see our Refunds Policy for information on how we handle changes after you’ve booked.

We’re generally more accommodating than most education providers (who tend to be pretty harsh on changes.) We can refund with enough notice. And we can transfer you to a later course with enough notice and given the circumstances.

But we do have some essential rules around it. (Please see the policy for the details.) 

Getting there

Where are you?

Media School HQ is at 335 Clovelly Road, Clovelly – in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

It’s about 15 minutes drive from the Sydney CBD. (But a world away from the hubbub of the city and distractions of your office.)

Check the course page for locations in other cities.

Is there public transport?

Yes – all courses are located near public transport.

To get to our Sydney HQ you’ll find the 338 and the 339 bus run from the Sydney CBD, past Central Station and stops outside our door. It takes about 25 minutes from Central.

You can also get a 360 bus from Bondi Junction station.

Do you have free parking?

Yes – for the courses at our Sydney HQ. You’ll find all day parking 50 metres down on Clovelly Road or around the corner in Beach Street.

For other cities please check the individual course page.

What to bring

Do I need to bring a laptop?

It varies by course:
Social Media Course – optional
Blogging Course – recommended
Podcast Course – highly recommended
Linkedin Course – mandatory.

We have a lot to get through in the Social Media Course – including live demonstrations. You can use a laptop to follow along, though it’s not necessary to have one.

We have free wifi at our courses.

What else should I bring?

Please bring your existing questions and an open, inquiring mind!

If you have existing marketing plans, please have a look at them again before the day and bring them if you can. It also helps to do some research before the day including:
(a) examples of best practice on the platforms you want to learn about
(b) some thinking through of who your target audience is
(c) the kind of ideas and information your target is interested in (and will want to share)

This all helps with our content brainstorming and planning.

Bespoke training

Do you offer training for organisations?

Yes. We offer separate, private training for businesses, organisations and groups of 5 people or more.

This can be at our studio, at your office or a training venue in your city. See our Corporate Training page for information and prices.

If you have less than 5 people we prefer that you send staff to a public course.

Can you offer private training for me?

We only take on a couple of clients each year for individual, private training.

If you’re interested we ask that you come to the relevant course first.

This helps us put important fundamental thinking in place – at a price that’s a lot less than if we were doing it one on one. It also enables you to check us out! We offer a discount on private training once you’ve done a course with us.

Give Phil Stubbs, the Principal Trainer, a call if you’re interested.

Contacting us and Help

Can I talk directly with the instructor?

Yes. You’re welcome to call principal trainer Phil Stubbs directly on his mobile +61 403 517242 or email phil@mediaschool.com.au

Can I get help after the course?

Yes. You’re welcome to call or email Phil if you get stuck after your course.

(This is something the universities and large courses that pump through big numbers of students, probably won’t offer you. We are small, friendly and keen to see you succeed!)