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What attendees say

  • "Great examples, relevant videos, useful planning frameworks, lots of resources."

    Delilah MacGillivray, General Manager / National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

  • "Comprehensive and inspiring. It left me wanting to go home and get straight into it."

    Peter Bennett, Regional Sales Manager / Skope Industries

  • "In-depth coverage of key social platforms and terrific examples and case studies you can apply in real life."

    Trevor Builder, Owner / Cut Lunch Adventures

  • "Phil illustrated each concept beautifully with real life examples. Visualising what we were learning along the way was a great tool."

    Rebecca Carlsen, Campaign Project Manager / Fairfax Media

  • “Highly recommended for anyone looking to gain insight into the value of social media for their business.”

    Jason Hutchins, Investment Banking Recruitment / Anton Murray Consulting

  • “A terrific overview of the power of social media. Came away with great ideas to implement in our own social media strategy.”

    Tim Hughes, Media Manager / The Armidale School

  • "An extremely interesting and worthwhile course."

    Trevor Thomas, Managing Director / Ethinvest

  • “Loved the visuals, videos, takeaway resources, and small class size. Great to be able to ask questions about your own business.”

    Perie Mirarchi, Owner / By Cosimo

  • “Phil is an excellent educator. All my senses were engaged and I was thoroughly inspired.”

    Lynne Bradley, Owner / Lynne Bradley Interiors

  • "A very informative course with benefits for those who are competent as well as those who know nothing. This course will leave you feeling inspired, full of ideas and ready to hit the ground running."

    Kara Dixon, Marketing Assistant / Hawkesbury Race Club

  • "Great stuff! Wonderful insight into content marketing. The fear has gone. I know what needs to be done."

    Kathryn Pearce, Marketing Co-ordinator / Phillip Anderson Belle Property

  • "The course outlined the simple way it all works. I had thought it was going to be harder."

    Rebecca Pincott, Manager / Albert & Myer Funeral Directors

  • “The course clarified many issues I’ve experienced and made clear how to navigate from here.”

    Chris Russell, Media Services Manager / Colourcraft Printing

  • “Great to get some clarity on what it’s all about.”

    Stephen Hobbs / Stephen Hobbs Photography

  • “Great vibe! Inspirational and helpful.”

    Anna Huynh, Social Media Manager / The Little Tarte Cafe

  • “An insightful look at the power of social media and how to use it effectively in business. Definitely recommend this course!”

    Cassie Leibinger, Digital Learning Expert / Cassie Leibinger Consulting

  • “I came knowing little about social media. I walked away with a much better understanding, ideas and inspiration.”

    Allison Haigh, Line Producer, House Rules / 7 Network

  • "The session worked really well - from understanding the principles to seeing them in practice."

    Sarah Watts, Event Manager / The Event Space

  • "Each major social platform was dissected and made practical and useful."

    Anthea Deschamps, Partnerships Manager / NSW Waratahs

  • "I came away with a much clearer understanding of how to use social media. I am no longer afraid!"

    Emily Fletcher, Project Officer / Active Living NSW

  • "Covered a lot of content without it feeling overwhelming."

    Olivia Knox, Executive Manager Retail Property / Commonwealth Bank

  • "Great course! Covers all the essentials and gets you to think outside the box."

    Anna Fomin, Office Manager / FBI Recruitment

  • “Phil’s teaching style is friendly, approachable and insightful.”

    Christine Callen, Head of Marketing and Communications / Australian Museum

  • “A great course for beginners to more experienced social media users. Plenty of new things to learn.”

    Lauren Norton, Digital Co-ordinator / Foxtel

  • “The small, intimate group allowed you to ask questions.”

    Jess Brain, Innovation Consultant / Ooooby

  • “Thoroughly inspired and invigorated to put my new tools to use. I highly recommend this course.”

    Lynne Bradley, Owner / Lynne Bradley Interiors

  • "Phil is clear, friendly and knows his stuff. A very interesting and useful course."

    Grant Cameron, Digital Operations Manager / National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

  • "Practical advice and great use of recent social media examples."

    Hwei Oh, Marketing Director / SonicWall

  • “The content was extremely relevant across all platforms.”

    Sally Heggart, Recruitment Specialist / NSW Business Chamber

  • “Great videos illustrating best practice and so much to take home!”

    Kylie Lynch, Social Media Manager / Insidetrak

  • “I now feel empowered to launch my business into Facebook.”

    Lynne Bradley, Owner / Lynne Bradley Interiors

  • “Extremely helpful. Enough detail to be thorough, but not too much to be overwhelming. Best course I’ve ever been on.”

    Cherylyn McArthur, Ministry Support / St John’s Cathedral

  • “Excellent detail on key social media platforms. Good use of case studies and great material to take away.”

    Aidan Cromarty, Media Advisor / NSW Government

  • “The course has galvanised me into action.”

    Caroline Friend, Owner / Rainbow Serpent Art

  • "Excellent explanations of Instagram and Facebook. Very relevant to my business."

    David Rorison, Owner / Rorison Racing

  • "Great content and insight. Feeling less like a social media dinosaur."

    Michelle McKernan, Business Operations / Liquid Asset Management

  • "Lots of useful advice and resources to make social media easier to manage. And ways to make it creative and more interesting."

    Rosemary Hanly, Author / 'The Coeliac's Revenge'

  • "The strategic approach was very useful. Helped me think about what I was doing and why, then how to translate it into my social media marketing."

    Polly Harding, Principal Lawyer / Counsel on Demand

  • "Huge thanks for a great day. Professional, inspiring delivery. Motivated me to get going."

    Tammy Ceppi, Owner / Playbill Kids Sports

  • "Really liked the stories, examples, small class size and how Phil worked with the group."

    Jessica Woda, Marketing Manager / Riyo

  • "Phil did an amazing job to simplify the uncertainties I had about social media."

    Kata Petrovska, Marketing and Projects Manager / Xplore for Success

  • "Phil is a great presenter with the ability to explain things in simple terms. Very engaging!"

    Allison Priest, Rural Women's Network Coordinator / NSW Dept of Primary Industries

  • "I walked away with a good understanding of each platform and knowing where to start."

    Jacqueline Karim, Director / f45 Training

  • "Great format. The mixture of information, interaction and videos kept it engaging and interesting."

    Wendy Docherty, Change Manager / Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission

  • "Everything was explained really well and the use of examples and videos helped to hammer points in."

    Ashlyne Ocampo, Communications Assistant / Roadsense

  • "Absolutely delivered on content, presentation and value. I left the course feeling well informed about the steps needed to turn our ideas and raw content into a real podcast and inspired to get right to work on it."

    Hayden Richards, Emergency Physician / University Hospital Geelong

  • "Very informative training session. Would recommend it for any business looking to delve into social media."

    Gillian Guerin, Asia Pacific Marketing and Communications Director / Ipsos Market Research

  • "A small, friendly learning environment with a very good, encouraging coach."

    Cain Beckett, Director - Lifestyle, Rural & Commercial / Jurd's Real Estate

  • "I found the course very encouraging. It really got me thinking about social media in a different light."

    Rachael Brecht, Director - Residential & Commercial Sales / Jurd's Real Estate

  • "The content of the course was excellent and interactive. Very useful for my business."

    Shelly Jurd, Director / Jurd's Real Estate

  • "Phil delivered the course with an easy to listen and learn approach. The content was informative but too overwhelming for me as a beginner. I now feel I have the confidence and tools in order to get going. Thanks for a great day of learning in a warm environment."

    Jo Moo, Stylist

  • "Phil is engaging and presented the course in an easy to understand / clear manner. Great pace. Excellent overview of all social media platforms. I left motivated to continue exploring how best to use them."

    Sophie Lin, Marketing and Communications Consultant / Sydney Anglican Diocese

  • "A very practical, hands-on, interactive class."

    Joanne Howarth, CEO / Planet Protector Packaging

  • "I immediately put the learning to use in the class - and immediately got responses."

    Jennifer Connell, Deputy Manager Media & Communications / South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

  • "Awesome course. Got my brain ticking over with great content ideas."

    Taylah Wicks, Indigenous Future Student & Engagement Coordinator / University of Wollongong

  • "The structure of the workshop was well thought out. The information was detailed and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wondering how to make social media work for you."

    Sam Edwards, Marketing Manager / Duraflex Group

  • "Phil is a great presenter. Very inspiring. Excellent tips, resources and ideas that are going to be invaluable!"

    Jodie Matta, Marketing Manager / Mono Constructions

  • "Engaging, interesting and thought-provoking. The day was seamlessly organised with so much useful information."

    Alison Vickers, Medical Practice Owner / Vickers TeamCare

  • "The course packed a lot into the 8 hours. I was impressed too with the material to take away."

    Rose Schofield, Admin Manager / Goldline Industries

  • "Opened my eyes to the potential of social media and how to make it work. Very useful for our business."

    James Porter, Publican / Collingwood Hotel

  • "Very informative. I can't believe how much I didn't know - and how much I now know!"

    Jill Burgess, Director / Yess app

  • "Gave me really valuable information to get the social media side of my business going. Phil is a fabulous presenter. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the day."

    Anne Spradley, Owner / Hunter Style Studio

  • "Clear, engaging presentation, relevant content, good pace, responsive to questions. Thanks for a wonderful course!"

    Wendy Mulder, Publicity Officer / Arden Anglican School

  • "Really insightful course! It ticked off all I wanted to learn."

    Emily Roberts, Media and Communications Officer / Marathon Health

  • "I walked into this course with minimal knowledge. I walked out feeling empowered, inspired and confident."

    Dianne Heckenberg, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist / Zimmer Biomet

  • "Great interaction and brainstorming sessions to generate ideas."

    Steve Fearns, Leadership Coach / The Leap Factor

  • "Great overview of the key social media platforms and how to make the best use of each."

    Maria Bekiaris, Deputy Editor / Money Magazine

  • "A seriously enjoyable and useful course. Strong, simple, informative content. Excellent engagement between Phil and students."

    Trina Bechly, Office Manager / Project One Interiors

  • "Left the course with a good idea of how to really focus and plan my content."

    Sara Birch, Owner / Simply Stone & Tile

  • "Excellent course. Great insights into social media."

    Anna Dimitriou, Administration Manager / Form Rite

  • "Great overview of the topics and tools and how to use them - both strategically and executional. Very engaging presentation style."

    Mark Steble, Senior Marketing Manager / ex Telstra

  • "The course seems to suit all levels."

    Rae de Rooy, Community and Member Engagement / Insurance Council of Australia

  • "Phil is a warm and friendly teacher - easy to connect with and ask questions."

    Lauren Stanley, Manager / Hawkesbury Race Club Motel

  • "Phil is a great communicator who knows his stuff."

    Damien Sonego, Owner / Outdoor Retreats Landscaping

  • "Excellent combination of practical demonstration, analytical stuff and a very extensive overview."

    Belinda Evans, Director / Waterton Hall Wines

  • "Well structured, well paced course which helped me to see through all the technical side of social media to what is important - content and connection with people in an authentic way."

    Sian Morgan Hall, Director / Four Winds Bermagui

  • "An excellent mid-way point into social media. It gave me some great ideas and inspiration to go back to the office and make social media happen."

    Kimberley Squires, Communication and Marketing Manager / Forsyths Financial Services

  • "Phil broke down a tricky topic to the everyday mid-40s male in easy to understand language. A great entry into social media."

    Elia Economou, Owner / Dicks Hotel, Balmain

  • "Brilliant. Content rich and very usable, practical advice. Absolutely worth the investment. I can't wait to implement the ideas I came up with. Very stimulating, interesting course."

    Jane Riley, Business Development Manager

  • "Awesome class. Easy to understand and very helpful. The whole day was interesting."

    Justin Wood, Owner/Manager / Camperdown Fitness

  • "Practical and useful. Thoroughly enjoyed the day."

    Mel Rankine, Small Business Marketing Consultant / Mel Rankine Marketing

  • "The examples used for each platform made it easy to understand."

    Yosuke Takahashi, Marketing Manager / Fuji Xerox

  • "Great content, tips and subject matter - delivered with passion."

    Jenny Joseph, Marketing Manager / Mobecom

  • "Phil was super engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed the case studies, examples and videos. My mind is now bursting with ideas!"

    Stacey Barclay-Smyth, Marketing Manager / Intercontinental Hotels Group

  • "So much packed into one day! Plus great content to take away."

    Robyn Barden, Science Communicator

  • "Fantastic! A day full of interesting, logical, useful tips. Well done!"

    Tanya Jefferis, Governance Manager / Department of Science and Industry, Australian Government

  • "Lots of specifics to help me focus and start. Useful templates for planning, good examples and practical insights."

    Seher Arslan, Communications Manager / iCare NSW

  • "Phil's training is approachable, practical, informative and motivating."

    Selina Baxby, Owner / NurtureLab

  • "The day went fast as the course content engaged me the whole way through. It delivered what I expected, but at a higher level."

    Samantha Bailey, Marketing & Communications Specialist / Varian Medical

  • "Excellent! Very easy to follow. A full toolkit to kickstart and motivate."

    Mairead Hawes, Director / Hawes and Swan Planning

  • "Easy to understand, lots of great content, answered our questions well."

    Donna Brennan, Sales & Marketing / Sevaan Group

  • "Phil has an engaging presentation style. It's clear, concise and relevant, with lots of real examples."

    Layal Mansour, Marketing & Communications Manager / Cadigal Office Leasing

  • "A lot in one day. I found all the course content relevant."

    Tanya Harrison, Owner / Raja Homewares

  • "Loved the course. I have so many ideas now I want to try."

    Kathleen Beddoes, Head of NGEN / Media Federation of Australia

  • "Everything made sense to me, even though I'm a beginner."

    Maria Dillon, Owner / Grand Royal Barbers

  • "Informative and practical. Very helpful and valuable."

    Michelle McKernan, Head of Operations / Liquid Asset Management

  • "Engaging and inspiring. Feel I can move forward."

    David Leafe, Owner / Good Health Dentistry

  • "Lots and lots of inspirational case studies to build ideas!"

    Linda Wong, Director / Media Federation of Australia

  • "Examples of best practice really got me thinking. It clarified how to best use the platforms."

    Sharleen Wright, Travel Manager / Beyond Travel

  • "Really enjoyed the course - great content and insights."

    Marcus Rummler, Director / Retsa Corporate Training

  • "I went from having no idea to having an understanding and a plan!"

    Wendy Westbury, Regional Property Mananger / Woolworths

  • "Great overview of social media and how to use it for business."

    Masheila Pillay, Client Director / Dentsu Aegis IPG

  • "Interactive, practical, kept people engaged and interested. A well-presented course."

    Dijana Harrison, Operations Manager / LandTeam

  • "A useful crash course that's made it easier for me to identify what will work best for my business."

    Hwei Oh, Marketing Director / Sonic Wall

  • "The social media course was inspiring and generated a new way of thinking and plenty of ideas to play with."

    Louise Negline, Communications Coordinator / Illawarra Health & Medical Research Institute

  • "The course broke down my mental barriers and fears."

    Katharine Hocking

  • "Well paced and enjoyable. The case studies and videos really helped get the message across. Really impressed."

    Terri Cornish, Educational Consultant / Psychological Assessments Australia

  • "The course was easy to understand and comprehensive."

    Mark Holdcroft, Owner / Medina Designs

  • "Fantastic. Really gave me perspective on how it all works, particularly for my business using Instagram."

    Susan Colless, Owner / Colless Collections

  • "I enjoyed the small class size and being able to directly discuss questions I had."

    Holli Benson, Marketing Manager / Timberline

  • "The course got me thinking more deeply about strategy and content."

    Rhonda Thompson, Office Manager / Oryx People

  • "The course was great .... it helped me work out which platforms were best for my different projects."

    Brooke Witchard, Marketing Manager / SonicWall

  • "I finished the day with a much better understanding of what I should do to get started and how to progress."

    Heather Campbell, Business Manager / BodyFree

  • "It felt comfortable discussing ideas and experiences (and fears) in Phil's small, informal class."

    Sara McKay, Practice Manager / Surry Hills Medical Centre

  • "Great to finally join the dots on all the social media platforms."

    Louise Le Roux, Foreign Exchange Marketing Manager / Commonwealth Bank

  • "A wonderful introduction to social media. Content was thought-provoking and very useful."

    Stacy Blythe, Director of Engagement / School of Nursing, Western Sydney University

  • "Really great, really comprehensive, and has made me feel inspired about marketing my business."

    Jenni-lee Spence, Owner / Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning Centre

  • "Great coverage of the main social media platforms. Up to date, relevant and inspiring."

    Sophie Diller, Owner / Wattlebird Gardening

  • "From beginning to end the course was very informative and just what I needed. A worthwhile day!"

    Maria Commisso, Cognitive Coach / Coresenses

  • "It's easy to get lost with all the information on social media, but this course had great coverage with excellent tips."

    Emma Cotterill, Systems Solutions Specialist / Abbvie

  • "A wonderful insight into the practical applications of key social platforms, including smart tips on how to get noticed in a busy space."

    Nat Gordon / Aaron's Outdoor

  • "The course notes were well researched, factual and relevant."

    Anthea Deschamps, Partnerships Manager / NSW Waratahs

  • "Genuinely enjoyed this course. Loads of great advice. Explained in language I could understand! Feeling like I can tackle social media with confidence now."

    Sophie Kinsey, City Futures / Logan City Council

  • "Very informative and useful. I now feel like I have the confidence to set up my business pages."

    Jaimie Johnson, Social Media Co-ordinator / Good Health Dentistry

  • "I really enjoyed learning about content creation and what posts work best."

    Samantha Bell, Graphic Designer / Clarke Murphy Print

  • "All the questions I had about social media prior to the course were answered."

    Sonja Cogle, Marketing Co-ordinator / Australia Meat Emporium

  • "I liked Phil's positive attitude and style. I also liked all the tips, case studies and examples."

    Theresa Miller, Owner / Miller Ink

  • "Appropriate, relevant and useful learning for my new job."

    Andy Capron, Property Buyers Agent / Your Empire

  • "Gave us a structured approach to plan our strategy so we don't become overwhelmed."

    Kate Lane, Product Manager / CSR Cemintel

  • "Loads of useful information and tools for a beginner. Loved being able to ask questions and interact with the small group of interesting people."

    Sarah Rhodes, f45 Owner / New Health Blog

  • "I really enjoyed the day! The planning approach, small class, getting feedback from others, engaging teacher, the videos, plus loads of follow-up resources."

    Carolyn Drinkwater, New Blogger

  • "Learned heaps! Unlocked stuff I knew, plus I gained focus, direction and most importantly the confidence to start."

    Caroline Hayes / NSW Dept of Primary Industries

  • "The stories and examples were a great way to engage the class. The exercises gave us the opportunity to practice what we were learning."

    Jess Fedoron / NSW Dept of Primary Industries

  • "Exceeded my expectations. Great practical tips and strategies to help us create value and engage stakeholders."

    Popy Mourgelas, Corporate Governance Manager / Inner West Council

  • "Lots of inspiring examples and tips - beyond the technology and into the strategy."

    David Holtham, Executive Mentor / Stephenson Mansell Group

  • "The course was very informative and easy to understand."

    Rie Aida, Project Co-ordinator / Japan External Trade Organisation

  • "Phil demystified the main social media platforms. I could see how they could work for our business."

    Nicola Ker, Marketing Manager / Satellite Office

  • "Gives you a great framework to implement social media in your workplace."

    Jo Davenport, Marketing Manager / Catholic Cemeteries

  • "Well structured and easy to follow."

    Tim Yeap, Marketing Manager / Gregory & Carr

  • "I feel I have a much better idea of the content I can be adding to my social media."

    Rebecca Pincott, Manager / Albert & Myer Funeral Directors

  • "Perfect level of detail for me. Not over my head. Not too technical."

    Melissa Walker, Owner / Gregory & Carr

  • "The course was relevant, easy to follow, and had great examples."

    Sarah Marney, Brand Manager / HiLife Health and Beauty

  • "Really interesting course. Great for people to get their head around the social media platforms."

    Dalya Robertson, Regional Marketing Campaign Manager / Polycom

  • "Really enjoyed the day. Excellent overview, engaging presentation materials, lovely delivery, fantastic food."

    Nicola Feltis, Communications Co-ordinator / Inner West Council

  • "Phil has a wealth of social media knowledge. Thoroughly enjoyed his course."

    Jumana Shakeer, Brand & Marketing Manager / ProForce

  • "I chose this course over others because it covered the topics I wanted – and it delivered! "

    Morenna Burn / Sydney Cooking School

  • "A great course, well presented – in a warm and friendly environment."

    Ron Ryan, Owner / Ryan Wilks Engineering

  • "I really enjoyed Phil’s clear and simple delivery. I now have a good idea about how to apply social media to my work. Brilliant!"

    Lillian Lyon, Marriage Celebrant / Lyonheart

  • "The course’s section on strategy really helped me think through what I was trying to achieve."

    Alison Brien, Owner / The Cheese Boardroom

  • "The exercises helped me come up with ways to engage our customers more productively."

    Vito Giordano, Marketing Executive / Cabcharge

  • "I started the course with little knowledge. I'm leaving with the skills to get started immediately."

    Heather Hastilow, Manager / John Wheatley Funerals

  • "I liked Phil's teaching style - incorporating videos, images and examples of businesses doing social media well."

    Ellie Somers, Marketing Recruitment Executive / Stopgap Recruitment

  • "I had some experience already but the course helped plug some serious gaps in my knowledge."

    Dean Kirkland, Founder / My Mini-Auction

  • "The course outlined the platforms well. Feeling inspired to use social media for my work."

    Karen Dwarte, Library Team Leader / Inner West Council

  • “Informative and eye opening.”

    Stephen Hobbs / Stephen Hobbs Photography

  • “Exactly targeted what I was looking for. I feel like I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge.”

    Geoff Jessup, Managing Partner / InCollaboration

  • “I took away the inspiration to start and the realisation I know more than I thought.”

    Hayley Markham / Women in Focus Physiotherapy

  • “Gave me a much deeper understanding of social media.”

    Matthew Bromfield, Technical Research and Communication / NRMA

  • “Phil is passionate about social media and it resonates in the course material.”

    Lauren Goodman, HR Manager / Landteam Australia