Podcast Training (Sydney)

A one-day crash course on how to start and launch your own podcast

This is a one-day podcast training course that’s live and in-person. In it we will guide you through each stage of making a podcast – from initial idea to launch. 

It’s a crash course that’ll give you the essentials you need to get your podcast up and running – including planning your show, what gear to buy, how to conduct and record interviews, an intro to audio editing, where to distribute your podcast and how to build your audience. 

You’ll be part of a small class (usually 6 to 8 people) in our friendly training studio in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Your teacher has experience not only in podcasting, but also communication strategy and training.

The course cost includes a free email or phone consultation for a period of 3 months after the class. (If you have questions you can get back in touch.)

If you can’t make the current course date you’re welcome to sign up to our email to be notified when it’ll be on next. This podcasting training is offered once every two months in Sydney.

What you’ll learn in our podcast training

One of the goals of this training is take the mystery out of podcasting and for you to walk away with clarity about the podcasting process and what you specifically need to do on your own podcast. Here is the structure of the course and topics that help deliver those outcomes –


Principles of podcasting:
  • the podcast landscape
  • types of podcasts
  • why podcast
  • how to be successful


Planning your show:
  • what – name your podcast and identify your topic(s)
  • who – define and clarify your audience
  • why – why are you doing this? (let’s get clear about your purpose)
  • when – how often can you realistically produce and publish?
  • how – what’s the length and format of episodes?


Planning and organising episodes:
  • structure – to reliably give your audience the best possible experience
  • research – give your show depth and ensure it goes smoothly
  • writing – scripting to engage your listener
  • presenting – voice and narration techniques and tips
  • interviewing – how to find guests and conduct interviews


Production of episodes:
  • recording gear – essential kit to create your podcast
  • recording space – how to set up your own mini-studio
  • recording – tips and practice to help you get clean sound
  • call recording – simple ways to do phone interviews
  • oursourcing – where to go to get production help


  • editing – an intro to software and editing basics
  • music – where to find music (and how to deal with copyright)
  • exporting and tagging – the nuts & bolts to get your podcast out there
  • artwork – simple ways to create a great visual for your podcast
  • hosting – where your content will sit (see our podcast hosting tips)


  • listing – Apple, Google, Spotify and other places to distribute your podcast
  • marketing – how to find and grow a loyal following / audience
  • analytics – how to find and use stats to get feedback on what’s working
  • monetisation – how to earn a return and make money out of podcasting

How we teach the podcast course

We use a mix of: best practice principles, inspiring examples, interesting short videos, simple demonstrations, hands-on activities and creative exercises. You’ll walk out of the course inspired, motivated and clear about what you need to do. 

This course is also available for corporate / in-house training.

Meet your instructor

podcast training Phil Stubbs

Podcast Trainer & Media School Founder

Phil has experience in podcasting, radio journalism, marketing communication and teaching.

Phil has worked as a presenter and current affairs journalist for Radio 2ser. His podcast The Environment Show has reached number 4 in the News & Politics section of the Apple iTunes Store.

He’s also worked as a communication manager in major advertising agencies (including The Campaign Palace in Sydney) with clients across a broad range of industries.

And he’s lectured in digital media at universities – including Charles Sturt University and Western Sydney University. At WSU he won the Vice Chancellor’s award for his work with new media. Read more about Phil.

You can call Phil directly on 0403 517242 or email him.

What people say about our training

Who this podcast training is for

This podcast course is for you if you fit any of these:

  • You have an idea for a podcast and want to learn how to start your own podcast.
  • You love listening to podcasts and want to learn how shows are made.
  • You’ve made an initial start but have been overwhelmed by what to do next.
  • You have a limited budget.
  • You’re an absolute beginner.


The bottom line is that no experience in podcasting is required to do this course!

What to bring

All you really need is an idea for a podcast. (Even if it’s a rough one.)

We encourage you to bring a smartphone and a laptop if you have one. There’s no need to bring a microphone, recorder or headphones, but if have them by all means bring them to the session.

We’ve trained people from

Inside a class

We offer

Strategic thinking

Experienced trainer

Practical tips

Learning resources

Plain English delivery

Small, friendly class

6 August 2020

9.30am to 5.00pm

Media School Sydney

335 Clovelly Road, Clovelly


Price includes gst


Can’t make it?

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Or call the instructor, Phil Stubbs, on 0403 517242.

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