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how to make a podcast trailer

How to Make a Podcast Trailer

A podcast trailer is like a trailer for a movie. It’s a teaser designed to give a taste of what you’ll get. And of course the encouragement to give it a try. It’s designed to build anticipation.  Your trailer will likely be the first thing people...

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Event ideas for content marketing

Planning The Year Ahead: event ideas for your social media posts (plus a free content calendar template)

One of the challenges for your social media is: what do I post?! The simple answer is: content your target audience finds interesting and that helps build your brand values.

One of the best ways of to create interesting ideas for your content marketing is to leverage special dates during the year.  This in-depth post will give you event ideas for your content marketing. Magazine editors do this too – run timely articles that use ‘borrowed interest’.

One of the best examples of social media for real estate agents I’ve seen

I recently stumbled upon Jessica Riffle Edwards, a “realtor” in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her use of YouTube is one of the best examples of social media marketing for real estate agents I’ve seen.

Check out her real estate agent YouTube Channel. She’s made hundreds of videos and has 11,000 subscribers!

These videos provide tips about buying and selling property and talk about life as a real estate agent. They’re simple, to the point, and done just in her car (i.e. they’re low budget – pretty much zero dollars.)

Facebook Privacy: advice for beginners

We often get asked about privacy by people who are new to Facebook. They're concerned about showing their personal stuff to the world. Understandable, but there's a few answers to it. One answer is here: comprehensive advice on privacy from Facebook. It includes a range of...

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