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How small business can use Twitter (Gary Vaynerchuk’s tip)

How small business can use Twitter (Gary Vaynerchuk’s tip)

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How do you break through all the noise on Twitter? How can you possibly be heard – especially if you’re a small business?

Gary Vaynerchuk has the answer.

In a nutshell: listen first. And really hear what people are saying – about you, your brand, your competitors and the industry you’re working in.

Twitter can be an interesting and useful tool – not only for gathering market intelligence, but for reaching out to people who are in your target. Even answering queries they have in your field of expertise.

So you become someone who helps people, rather than blasting messages at them.

This really requires a change of mindset from the traditional way of using the media. As Gary says, it’s about paying it forward to the end user:

“You love your parents so much because they loved you first.” ~ Gary V

Useful links:

Here’s where to start listening: Twitter search.

Usually people either love or loathe Gary – both his message and his delivery. If you’re in the former camp, check out our ‘Best of Gary Vaynerchuk on social media’ videos.

Want to learn more about Twitter and/or how small business can use social media? Details here of our next social media training course.

Or to dive even deeper, here’s a whole bunch of useful Twitter resources.

By Phil Stubbs

Phil Stubbs About the author

Phil Stubbs is Founder and Principal Trainer at Media School in Sydney, Australia. Phil launched Media School to help people like you learn how to use new media to achieve your goals.

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