What attendees say

  • "Comprehensive and inspiring. It left me wanting to go home and get straight into it."

    Peter Bennett, Regional Sales Manager / Skope Industries

  • "In-depth coverage of key social platforms and terrific examples and case studies you can apply in real life."

    Trevor Builder, Owner / Cut Lunch Adventures

  • "Phil illustrated each concept beautifully with real life examples. Visualising what we were learning along the way was a great tool."

    Rebecca Carlsen, Campaign Project Manager / Fairfax Media

  • “Highly recommended for anyone looking to gain insight into the value of social media for their business.”

    Jason Hutchins, Investment Banking Recruitment / Anton Murray Consulting

  • “A terrific overview of the power of social media. Came away with great ideas to implement in our own social media strategy.”

    Tim Hughes, Media Manager / The Armidale School

  • "An extremely interesting and worthwhile course."

    Trevor Thomas, Managing Director / Ethinvest

  • “Loved the visuals, videos, takeaway resources, and small class size. Great to be able to ask questions about your own business.”

    Perie Mirarchi, Owner / By Cosimo

  • “Phil is an excellent educator. All my senses were engaged and I was thoroughly inspired.”

    Lynne Bradley, Owner / Lynne Bradley Interiors

  • "Great stuff! Wonderful insight into content marketing. The fear has gone. I know what needs to be done."

    Kathryn Pearce, Marketing Co-ordinator / Phillip Anderson Belle Property

  • "The course outlined the simple way it all works. I had thought it was going to be harder."

    Rebecca Pincott, Manager / Albert & Myer Funeral Directors

  • “The course clarified many issues I’ve experienced and made clear how to navigate from here.”

    Chris Russell, Media Services Manager / Colourcraft Printing

  • “Great to get some clarity on what it’s all about.”

    Stephen Hobbs / Stephen Hobbs Photography

  • “Great vibe! Inspirational and helpful.”

    Anna Huynh, Social Media Manager / The Little Tarte Cafe

  • “An insightful look at the power of social media and how to use it effectively in business. Definitely recommend this course!”

    Cassie Leibinger, Digital Learning Expert / Cassie Leibinger Consulting

  • “I came knowing little about social media. I walked away with a much better understanding, ideas and inspiration.”

    Allison Haigh, Line Producer, House Rules / 7 Network

  • "Each major social platform was dissected and made practical and useful."

    Anthea Deschamps, Partnerships Manager / NSW Waratahs

  • "I came away with a much clearer understanding of how to use social media. I am no longer afraid!"

    Emily Fletcher, Project Officer / Active Living NSW

  • "Covered a lot of content without it feeling overwhelming."

    Olivia Knox, Executive Manager Retail Property / Commonwealth Bank

  • "Great course! Covers all the essentials and gets you to think outside the box."

    Anna Fomin, Office Manager / FBI Recruitment

  • “Phil’s teaching style is friendly, approachable and insightful.”

    Christine Callen, Head of Marketing and Communications / Australian Museum

  • “A great course for beginners to more experienced social media users. Plenty of new things to learn.”

    Lauren Norton, Digital Co-ordinator / Foxtel

  • “The small, intimate group allowed you to ask questions.”

    Jess Brain, Innovation Consultant / Ooooby

  • “Thoroughly inspired and invigorated to put my new tools to use. I highly recommend this course.”

    Lynne Bradley, Owner / Lynne Bradley Interiors

  • “The content was extremely relevant across all platforms.”

    Sally Heggart, Recruitment Specialist / NSW Business Chamber

  • “Great videos illustrating best practice and so much to take home!”

    Kylie Lynch, Social Media Manager / Insidetrak

  • “I now feel empowered to launch my business into Facebook.”

    Lynne Bradley, Owner / Lynne Bradley Interiors

  • “Extremely helpful. Enough detail to be thorough, but not too much to be overwhelming. Best course I’ve ever been on.”

    Cherylyn McArthur, Ministry Support / St John’s Cathedral

  • “Excellent detail on key social media platforms. Good use of case studies and great material to take away.”

    Aidan Cromarty, Media Advisor / NSW Government

  • “The course has galvanised me into action.”

    Caroline Friend, Owner / Rainbow Serpent Art

  • "Great content and insight. Feeling less like a social media dinosaur."

    Michelle McKernan, Business Operations / Liquid Asset Management

  • "Lots of useful advice and resources to make social media easier to manage. And ways to make it creative and more interesting."

    Rosemary Hanly, Author / 'The Coeliac's Revenge'

  • "The strategic approach was very useful. Helped me think about what I was doing and why, then how to translate it into my social media marketing."

    Polly Harding, Principal Lawyer / Counsel on Demand

  • "Huge thanks for a great day. Professional, inspiring delivery. Motivated me to get going."

    Tammy Ceppi, Owner / Playbill Kids Sports

  • "Really liked the stories, examples, small class size and how Phil worked with the group."

    Jessica Woda, Marketing Manager / Riyo

  • "Phil did an amazing job to simplify the uncertainties I had about social media."

    Kata Petrovska, Marketing and Projects Manager / Xplore for Success

  • "Phil is a great presenter with the ability to explain things in simple terms. Very engaging!"

    Allison Priest, Rural Women's Network Coordinator / NSW Dept of Primary Industries

  • "I walked away with a good understanding of each platform and knowing where to start."

    Jacqueline Karim, Director / f45 Training

  • "I finished the day with a much better understanding of what I should do to get started and how to progress."

    Heather Campbell, Business Manager / BodyFree

  • "It felt comfortable discussing ideas and experiences (and fears) in Phil's small, informal class."

    Sara McKay, Practice Manager / Surry Hills Medical Centre

  • "Great to finally join the dots on all the social media platforms."

    Louise Le Roux, Foreign Exchange Marketing Manager / Commonwealth Bank

  • "A wonderful introduction to social media. Content was thought-provoking and very useful."

    Stacy Blythe, Director of Engagement / School of Nursing, Western Sydney University

  • "Really great, really comprehensive, and has made me feel inspired about marketing my business."

    Jenni-lee Spence, Owner / Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning Centre

  • "Great coverage of the main social media platforms. Up to date, relevant and inspiring."

    Sophie Diller, Owner / Wattlebird Gardening

  • "From beginning to end the course was very informative and just what I needed. A worthwhile day!"

    Maria Commisso, Cognitive Coach / Coresenses

  • "It's easy to get lost with all the information on social media, but this course had great coverage with excellent tips."

    Emma Cotterill, Systems Solutions Specialist / Abbvie

  • "A wonderful insight into the practical applications of key social platforms, including smart tips on how to get noticed in a busy space."

    Nat Gordon / Aaron's Outdoor

  • "The course notes were well researched, factual and relevant."

    Anthea Deschamps, Partnerships Manager / NSW Waratahs

  • "Genuinely enjoyed this course. Loads of great advice. Explained in language I could understand! Feeling like I can tackle social media with confidence now."

    Sophie Kinsey, City Futures / Logan City Council

  • "Very informative and useful. I now feel like I have the confidence to set up my business pages."

    Jaimie Johnson, Social Media Co-ordinator / Good Health Dentistry

  • "I really enjoyed learning about content creation and what posts work best."

    Samantha Bell, Graphic Designer / Clarke Murphy Print

  • "All the questions I had about social media prior to the course were answered."

    Sonja Cogle, Marketing Co-ordinator / Australia Meat Emporium

  • "I liked Phil's positive attitude and style. I also liked all the tips, case studies and examples."

    Theresa Miller, Owner / Miller Ink

  • "Appropriate, relevant and useful learning for my new job."

    Andy Capron, Property Buyers Agent / Your Empire

  • "Gave us a structured approach to plan our strategy so we don't become overwhelmed."

    Kate Lane, Product Manager / CSR Cemintel

  • "Loads of useful information and tools for a beginner. Loved being able to ask questions and interact with the small group of interesting people."

    Sarah Rhodes, f45 Owner / New Health Blog

  • "I really enjoyed the day! The planning approach, small class, getting feedback from others, engaging teacher, the videos, plus loads of follow-up resources."

    Carolyn Drinkwater, New Blogger

  • "Learned heaps! Unlocked stuff I knew, plus I gained focus, direction and most importantly the confidence to start."

    Caroline Hayes / NSW Dept of Primary Industries

  • "The stories and examples were a great way to engage the class. The exercises gave us the opportunity to practice what we were learning."

    Jess Fedoron / NSW Dept of Primary Industries

  • "Exceeded my expectations. Great practical tips and strategies to help us create value and engage stakeholders."

    Popy Mourgelas, Corporate Governance Manager / Inner West Council

  • "Lots of inspiring examples and tips - beyond the technology and into the strategy."

    David Holtham, Executive Mentor / Stephenson Mansell Group

  • "The course was very informative and easy to understand."

    Rie Aida, Project Co-ordinator / Japan External Trade Organisation

  • "Phil demystified the main social media platforms. I could see how they could work for our business."

    Nicola Ker, Marketing Manager / Satellite Office

  • "Gives you a great framework to implement social media in your workplace."

    Jo Davenport, Marketing Manager / Catholic Cemeteries

  • "Well structured and easy to follow."

    Tim Yeap, Marketing Manager / Gregory & Carr

  • "I feel I have a much better idea of the content I can be adding to my social media."

    Rebecca Pincott, Manager / Albert & Myer Funeral Directors

  • "Perfect level of detail for me. Not over my head. Not too technical."

    Melissa Walker, Owner / Gregory & Carr

  • "The course was relevant, easy to follow, and had great examples."

    Sarah Marney, Brand Manager / HiLife Health and Beauty

  • "Really interesting course. Great for people to get their head around the social media platforms."

    Dalya Robertson, Regional Marketing Campaign Manager / Polycom

  • "Really enjoyed the day. Excellent overview, engaging presentation materials, lovely delivery, fantastic food."

    Nicola Feltis, Communications Co-ordinator / Inner West Council

  • "Phil has a wealth of social media knowledge. Thoroughly enjoyed his course."

    Jumana Shakeer, Brand & Marketing Manager / ProForce

  • "I chose this course over others because it covered the topics I wanted – and it delivered! "

    Morenna Burn / Sydney Cooking School

  • "A great course, well presented – in a warm and friendly environment."

    Ron Ryan, Owner / Ryan Wilks Engineering

  • "I really enjoyed Phil’s clear and simple delivery. I now have a good idea about how to apply social media to my work. Brilliant!"

    Lillian Lyon, Marriage Celebrant / Lyonheart

  • "The course’s section on strategy really helped me think through what I was trying to achieve."

    Alison Brien, Owner / The Cheese Boardroom

  • "The exercises helped me come up with ways to engage our customers more productively."

    Vito Giordano, Marketing Executive / Cabcharge

  • "I started the course with little knowledge. I'm leaving with the skills to get started immediately."

    Heather Hastilow, Manager / John Wheatley Funerals

  • "I liked Phil's teaching style - incorporating videos, images and examples of businesses doing social media well."

    Ellie Somers, Marketing Recruitment Executive / Stopgap Recruitment

  • "I had some experience already but the course helped plug some serious gaps in my knowledge."

    Dean Kirkland, Founder / My Mini-Auction

  • "The course outlined the platforms well. Feeling inspired to use social media for my work."

    Karen Dwarte, Library Team Leader / Inner West Council

  • “Informative and eye opening.”

    Stephen Hobbs / Stephen Hobbs Photography

  • “Exactly targeted what I was looking for. I feel like I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge.”

    Geoff Jessup, Managing Partner / InCollaboration

  • “I took away the inspiration to start and the realisation I know more than I thought.”

    Hayley Markham / Women in Focus Physiotherapy

  • “Gave me a much deeper understanding of social media.”

    Matthew Bromfield, Technical Research and Communication / NRMA

  • “Phil is passionate about social media and it resonates in the course material.”

    Lauren Goodman, HR Manager / Landteam Australia